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Company profile

elwa-teknik was established in 1976. Since then the aim has been to produce the best working, economical and reliable water level measuring equipments.

The elwa water level meter is a portable, sturdy, high tech instrument used for measuring of the water levels in tubewells, tanks, boreholes e.c.

Constant development and research ensures the future of elwa-products and assures an optimized quality.

The measuring cable is developed especially for the purpose and contains two polyethylen coated steelwires. The waterlevel can be read directly on the cable in metric measures.

elwa water level meters are used worldwide by:
   - Waterworks
   - Consultans
   - Engineers
   - Water well drillers
   - Geotechnicians
   - Geologists
   - State, county and municipality engineers
   - Construction companies
   - Plumbers
   - Pump manufactures e.c.

elwa water level meters are used in connection with:

   - Groundwater level control
   - Lowering of the groundwater level
   - Testpumping
   - Level control in ballasttanks and so on...

The elwa water level meter is the only one with a probediameter on 12 mm worldwide.