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elwa is the leading producer of waterlevel measuring equipment and has a unique selection of handheld units with different lengths of cable and signal devices.

PLA 15 - 30 box

Small handheld unit with 15 or 30 meters of cable

PLS 30 - 150

Handheld unit with 30, 50, 75, 100 or 150 meters of cable

PLA 200

Portable unit with 200 meters of cable

PLS 300 - 400

Portable unit with 300 or 400 meters of cable

Special versions

For tanks with seawater


Stainless steel probe in different versions


Easy and fast check for oil film etc. on the water surface.


Connects your water level meter with the Watersampler.

How to use...

Instructions for proper use og elwa-products

We are also able to provide:

Pipes, filters, oil-skimmers, pumps, waterwells and more...

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