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For ballasttanks with seawater, the elwa
PLS 30SW, 50SW and 75SW are high tech
designed handheld units, with 30 to 75
meters of cable and a built-in brake.

Technical specifications:

Measuring tape:

30 to 75 meters of polyethylene coated twin-leader steelwire with printed metric numbers in metres and centimetres.
Dimension 9 x 2 mm.


Stainless steel AISI 303. Dimension 20 mm x 200 mm.
Weight aprox. 200 grams. (Other lenghts on request).

Electronic circuit:

Integrated and waterproof with built-in electronic switch and low energy comsumption. Adjustable sensitivity.


Sound:  Frequency aprox. 3000 Hz, 80 dB.
Light:     8mm LED-diode, ultrabright


Shockproof plastic material (ABS).


Steel frame with built-in brake.


9 volt alkaline, type 6LR61 or simular.
Dimensions 17 x 26 x 47 mm


Height 340 mm,  Width 240 mm, Depth 190 mm.


PLS   30:   1,9 kg.
PLS   50:   2,2 kg.
PLS   75:   2,4 kg.
PLS 100:   2,9 kg.
PLS 150:   3,6 kg.


18 litre

Other types and lengths on request.
Subject to change without notice.

A 100% danish quality product!