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pls15.jpg (45484 bytes) PLA 15-30 box

The elwa PLA 15 and PLA 30 are the smallest
handheld units, with 15 or 30 meters of cable.
The size and weight makes it easyer to carry
and faster to use.

Technical specifications:

Measuring tape:

15 or 30 metres of polyethylene coated twin-leader steelwire with printed metric numbers in metres and centimetres.
Dimension 9 x 2 mm.

standard ver.:

Stainless steel AISI 303. Dimension 12 mm.
Weight aprox. 75 grams.

special version:

Stainless steel AISI 303. Dimension 10 mm.
Weight aprox. 60 grams.

Electronic circuit:

Integrated and waterproof with built-in electronic switch and low energy comsumption.


Sound:  Frequency aprox. 3000 Hz, 80 dB.
Light:     8mm LED-diode, ultrabright


Shockproof plastic material.


9 volt alkaline, type 6LR61 or simular.
Dimensions 17 x 26 x 47 mm


PLA 15 Box: Height 225 mm,  Width 180 mm, Depth 75 mm.
PLA 30 Box: Height 270 mm,  Width 220 mm, Depth 85 mm.


PLA 15 Box:   1,0 kg.
PLA 30 Box:   1,3 kg.


PLA 15 Box:   3,8 litre
PLA 30 Box:   4,7 litre

Other types and lengths on request.
Subject to change without notice.